About Fiesta Broadway

Fiesta Broadway is an event in Los Angeles celebrated on a yearly basis. Such event is mainly designed to celebrate Latin American and Mexican culture, as well as the Cinco de Mayo. If you are still unfamiliar about this event, then note that it is based on the Calle Ocho Festival that takes place in Miami. Some of the things you can expect from this event are musical acts, as well as various vendors.

Note that while Cinco de Mayo always falls on the fifth day of May, Fiesta Broadway still happens every last Sunday of April.

How Did it Start?

The first Fiesta Broadway in Los Angeles took place in the year 1990. It attracted a crowd of up to 500,000 people. It is a 1-million dollar event, which was funded by partnering with downtown merchants, KMEX-TV and city officials. The first ever Fiesta Broadway was also taped and shown via telecast all throughout the Spanish Language Univision Network.

From that moment, the event started to take place every year. The second Fiesta Broadway, for instance, costed up to two million dollars. It was such a huge event that it stretched across thirty-six blocks starting from the Temple Street down to Olympic Boulevard. It was such a huge difference from the first event as the one held in 1990 only occupied twelve blocks.

Performers in the 1991 event included Latin American performers Lucha Villa, Xuxa, and La Prieta. Since then, the Fiesta Broadway has become a much-anticipated event every year. Recently, however, Fiesta Broadway’s yearly celebration has been confined into a few blocks only around Broadway and 1st Street. It is because of the lower number of attendees reaching only up to seven thousand people.

What to Expect from the Fiesta Broadway?

With the fun and exciting vibe of the Fiesta Broadway, it is no longer surprising why this free fiesta is the much anticipated event in Los Angeles. In fact, it is considered as the biggest celebration of Cinco de Mayo worldwide. It is a commemoration of the day in year 1862 when French invaders were defeated by the Mexicans.

Some of the things you can expect from the celebration are feasting, general indulgence, music, piñata-breaking, authentic foods from local vendors, performances from popular Latin American artists, and other fun activities. Such exciting activities are among the major reasons why the event continues to invite a big crowd composed of thousands of people. This year will be the 28th year of the Fiesta Broadway.