Highlights of the 27th Fiesta Broadway Party

Held last April 24, 2016, the 27th Fiesta Broadway Party turned out to be a major success. It should be noted that Fiesta Broadway is an annual event produced by All Access Entertainment, which is known as the leading organizer of cultural events in Los Angeles.

Conducted at the heart of Downtown Los Angeles on Broadway St., the event is set to provide plenty of opportunities for various products and brands to meet thousands of potential and present clients. The 2016 Fiesta Broadway celebration also allowed most event-goers to enjoy cultural music by famous Latin American artists. The event also showcased local-area vendors serving authentic foods, as well as carnival-style games that also featured awesome prizes.

The Highlights

The 27th celebration of Fiesta Broadway kicked off on the last Sunday of April, 2016. It took place in Downtown LA, and featured scheduled performances all throughout the day by Latin American artists. Carnival rides and games also satisfied thousands of the participants of the event. To facilitate the event, Spring and Broadway streets were closed from Temple down to 2nd streets. The event ran up to 6pm.

Local vendors also satisfied the tummies of event participants as they served Mexican foods and other delicacies. Musical acts from Villa 5, Christian Felix and Hermanas Arteaga were also among the highlights of the event last year. The grand marshal of the fiesta is Pablo Montero, one of the most famous actors and singers in Mexico.

Mariachi Zapopan also performed on the event. Known for his poplar Mexican music, Zapopan wowed the crowd with his musical talent. Frankie, the Mariachi Loco, was also among the highlights of the event. The younger crowd enjoyed plenty of other activities that catered to their age, including face painting and carnival rides and games. They were seen taking pride of their colorful face paints.

The Changes

While there were some changes in the event, such as the fact that the attendees were significantly reduced and the fact that the event was no longer extended from Temple Street to 7th Street to accommodate tens of thousands of participants, it was still a huge success. The crowd was also smaller than before but it did not stop event-goers from enjoying the event.

Despite the drop in popularity, it is still unquestionable that it is the biggest Cinco de Mayo Celebration in the entire world. During its first few years, it captured the attention of half a million people, so it was no longer surprising to notice that the participants took over more than a dozen square blocks in Downtown LA.

When the event was still at its peak, you would notice three stages staggered all over the festival and in between them, participants can enjoy plenty of games, fun and food. The good thing about most of the activities held there is that these are for the entire family and all ages. They also highlight the cultures of both Latin Americans and Mexicans.

While the popularity dwindled, organizers of the event will never stop adding a new flare to the event, so expect to notice some changes every year. Expect the organizers to work on bringing back the charm of the Broadway Fiesta. The 28th grand celebration of the fiesta, for instance, which will be happening on the last Sunday of this month, will definitely be filled with plenty of activities and performers just like the previous years.

Furthermore, it is a great way to familiarize yourself of the culture of Latin Americans and Mexicans. If you want to bask in the amazing culture of these people and enjoy a great day filled of exciting and fun activities, then taking part of the 28th celebration of Fiesta Celebration will definitely give you that and more.